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How to make your child loves school

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Help the child to read

Helping the child to become a reader is one of the most important things that can be done in order to help him succeed in school and life, as there is great importance for reading in helping children learn all subjects, so it is advised to start learning it early and make reading aloud part of Routine life, where it must be done with a time of no more than a few minutes and frequently, which makes the child when he becomes older, wants to read frequently as his parents, and we can use this matter in the academic affairs, which reflects positively on the child and its results, which encourages him to go to school. [1]

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Talk to children about school-related problems

Parents should talk to the child about the things that bother him when going to school, given that some cannot describe what is bothering him, and in this case he should not be forced to talk about his problems, and tell the child that he can overcome them, and at the same time he should not Parents talk at length about this issue so that the matter does not turn negatively on the child and increases his unwillingness to go to school. [2]

Change the pattern of dealing with the child

Reading or learning by children does not need to provide rewards to them, and parents can change the way they deal with their children so that they do not tell them that there is a gift in exchange for reading a book; The child, and they can share their children with their own world, where parents must answer their questions without ridicule, in addition to offering the answer to the child in a simple way that enables him to understand it, which leads to an increase in his understanding and increase his questions about different matters, which reflects positively on his desire to goTo school. [3]

Not to be disturbed by son’s mistakes

In order to make their son confident in himself, parents should not be disturbed by his mistakes, the exaggerated discomfort, but rather help him to understand these mistakes, and realize that all human beings make mistakes but to learn from them and take the lesson so that they do not fall into them again, because people who are confident in themselves They do not make their mistakes an obstacle in their path, not because they are certain that they will never fail, but because they know the proper way to deal with mistakes and learn from them, and therefore the parents’ discomfort with their child’s mistakes and controlling and managing them properly enhance their self-confidence. [4]

Offering love

Parents are always advised to love their children and show them love in order to make them confident sons of themselves, for love is the most important thing that parents can give to their children, even if they do this without showing it to them, just as the child should feel and realize the love of his parents because he always needs to feel accepted By them first and then from external parties, such as: friends, classmates, relatives, or the community, and in the event that the parents make a mistake by shouting or ignoring or any mistake in education, they should give their children a kind of love by apologizing to them, as love between parents and children builds A strong foundation for self-confidence. [5]

Praise and gratitude

If the child is praised, reminded of his accomplishments, and corrected his mistakes by pointing to the positive side of it, he will become a self-confident child, for example if he wears the shoe on the contrary, instead of indicating that it can be said: “You wear your shoe! Good job”, then He will discover his ability to take responsibility, as he will notice the mistake on his own and fix it, and therefore it is advised to continue to positively evaluate the child’s behavior, which increases his confidence in himself. [6]


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