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How to Prepare Your Kids Before Going to Best Childcare in Singapore

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Going to Best Childcare in Singapore

Have you already searched for “preschool near me“? Have you chosen which one is suitable for your child? These questions may overwhelm you because preschool is the first entry of your kid into formal education. It is important that the preschool you choose offers a good curriculum and welcoming environment. This way, you know your kids will be in good hands.

But after choosing the school actually comes the more difficult part. You need to prepare your kids before going to best childcare in Singapore. By doing so, parents can help their children adjust to the new environment. You can expect your child to be filled with many emotions, including feeling proud of becoming the “big kid” and getting worried because of separation.

But the question is, how? Let us discuss some helpful tips that every parent can use.

Pretend Play With Your Children

You can show to your children what are the typical activities in the preschool so they can set their expectations. You and your kid can take turns playing the part of the parent, child and the teacher. You can act out the daily routines in the school, like when to bid goodbye for a while with the parent, singing some nursery rhymes, and even reading stories. By doing so, you can show your child that preschool is not a scary place at all. This is where your child can learn and have fun, making them less anxious when you leave for a while.

Read Some Books Tackling Preschool Stage

Information about everything is really accessible nowadays. You can get many books, or even read articles, to know more about preschool. You can share your learnings with your child before the school starts. You can even incorporate this during your pretend play. Talk to your child and ask how he or she feels about it. You can then answer all the questions your kid will throw so he or she will feel more at ease.

Practicing Self-Help Skills

It is important for your kids to know self-help skills so they can be more independent and can look after themselves in the preschool. Suck skills include the following:

  • unzipping the coat
  • hanging the coat on a hook
  • buttoning the shirt
  • putting on the backpack
  • zipping the backpack
  • tying the shoes

Parents should also teach their children how to eat their lunch or snacks so they will not feel helpless during recess. It is a bonus if you can teach them how to share as well.

Indeed, there are a lot of things to do to prepare your kids before going to best childcare in Singapore. But it will all be worth it. Once your kid is ready, consider enrolling him in Pegasus International Preschool, one of the best educational institutions in Singapore. Contact us for more information.

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