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Positive Leadership: A Critical Mission for Leaders in 2023

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Positive leadership is highly encouraged in the workplace to create a healthy environment for team development. Especially for the past two years, the workforce and its landscape underwent tremendous stress due to the pandemic. Most companies offer leadership development programs for employees with the potential to influence, encourage, and empower people in the workplace through observable healthy practices and work-ethic. Corporate education is believed to be a good stepping stone to better addressing negative emotions in the workplace.

Positive leadership styles applicable in the workplace

Different leadership philosophies are implemented in other workplaces. But if you practice positive leadership, it’s crucial to understand which leadership philosophies work best in this context. These are the first four:

Visionary (Authoritative)

A visionary leader makes sure that the goals of their team are realized. These leaders are renowned for their zeal and ambition, which serves as an example to others. They want to involve everyone on their team in the execution of their action plan.


Giving assignments to your team is just the beginning of your responsibility as a leader; you also need to be able to mentor your team members well. This is what leadership coaching is all about. You will have to put time and effort into this leadership style to help each team member grow personally.


The leadership of this kind resembles democratic leadership in many ways. The ability to collaborate and unite the team is a strength of consensus leaders. Before making decisions, they seek to generate ideas and gather data from various perspectives.


A collaborative leader puts the needs of their followers first. As a result, affiliative leaders take on the responsibility of repairing fences and inspiring the group under heavy labor and stress. The goal of affiliative leadership is to create a positive work environment and maintain the happiness of all employees.


Today’s office layout is very different from what it was in the past. Additionally, there is a higher likelihood that your staff will include people from various generations. Thus, it is only reasonable to assume that you will employ multiple strategies. You might combine these four ideas to establish a harmonious workplace for you and your team.

Learn more about positive leadership through this infographic by Corporate Learning Solutions.

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