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Want To Crack Civil Service Admission With UGC Net Exam Qualification?

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It is a difficult journey to undertake but the secret to any journey is had work, no matter how difficult or easy that journey is. Determination and hard work makes everything look like cake walk and that includes cracking the UGC NET exam; the eligibility test that qualifies you for a JRF. With the JRF (Junior Research Fellowship), you can pursue higher studies in a field of study and become an expert at that. What if you have cracked NET and want to go further?

Steps To Crack The Civil Service Admission

Many people take a step further and attempt to sit for the civil service admission. It is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and tests your eligibility for recruitment in the national civil services. It is not difficult to crack the exam on the first attempt but it is not that easy. You need proper preparations to qualify the exam as it is conducted in three rounds. 

  • There is a round of prelims which is the first round. It consists of an aptitude test of general knowledge which is similar to the Prelims of UGC NET exam, which upon cracking takes you to the second round of Mains. 
  • The Mains exam consists of a set of nine essays, each descriptive, testing your in-depth knowledge about the concerned subject. Out of nine essays, seven are considered while choosing for the next step. It is the final stage of interview where you have to sit for an interview with the higher officials to prove your worth. 
  • If you ace through that, your civil service admission is complete and you are eligible for serving the nation on its civil wings. 

What Is The Purpose Of UGC Net Exam?

Upon cracking the UGC Net, you are qualified for the position of Assistant Professor in prestigious universities. It also provides you a JRF which is the gateway to pursue higher studies like M.Phil., PhD and the civil service examinations. The NET exam grants you a stipend while you pursue higher studies which is an added benefit for you while you become an expert in a specific arena of your subject.

Can UGC NET Qualification Benefit CSE?

Yes, indeed. If you aspire to sit for the civil service exams, having a JRF helps you in several ways. For instance, the experience of exams is pre conceived by you. You can have an idea of the general knowledge required along with a thorough grasp in the English language. The Civil Service Examination is a long term exam, so it is always beneficial if you have developed knowledge about its patterns through not only practice but also sitting for parallel aptitude tests.

Are There Job Opportunities?

Based on your performance, your job opportunity will come your way. There are several positions apart from the JRF that are available such as PF, SRF, and SPF etc. Here, you can work under the assistance of senior professors who will guide you in building your thesis and making your way through academics. 

As for Civil services, the pride to serve the nation in civil posts must be carried with dignity and responsibility. If you are aspiring to sit for CSE, give your best and dream for a better future

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