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What are the certificates for the purchase of property?

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To purchase a property, people go through a series of bureaucratic steps, which aim to ensure the safety of everyone involved, buyer, seller, and companies that carry out the sale of properties. For those who are going through or will soon go through the purchase of property, it is important to know what documents, certificates, fees and taxes will be part of their daily lives until the purchase is completed. To help you plan for this moment, we have listed the main certificates and documents for the purchase of property below.

Seller’s certificates and documents for the purchase of property

As in other negotiation activities, when buying a property it is important that the seller/buyer establish a trusting relationship with the buyer/seller. However, the certifications legalize and guarantee that the sale will be within the parameters of the law. Therefore, in addition to the basic identification documents, the seller of the property must provide other certificates for the completion of the property purchase.

Marriage certificate with property regime

Marriage certificate is often a required document when it comes to buy/sell the property. It shows that both the husband and wife is aware of and agree to the sale/buy of the property. If you do not have a marriage certificate, you can get fake marriage certificate online at affordable prices. 

Clearance certificates

It is very important that during the property purchase process, the seller prove that he does not have tax and labor debts, that he is not being sued and that there is no judicial interdiction. For this, the following certificates are required –

  • Protest certificate, obtained from the notary’s office,
  • Certificate on civil and criminal actions, available on the Federal Justice website,
  • Certificate of discharge of taxes, which can be requested on the website of the Revenue Service,
  • Labor lawsuit certificates, obtained from the Superior Labor Court website,
  • Certificate of guardianship is available at civil registry offices.

Documentation of the house or apartment offered for sale

In addition to the seller’s certificates, to purchase a property you need some documents that prove the regularity of the house or apartment being purchased. The main certificates for the purchase of property are –

  • Certified copy of the definitive deed in the name of the sellers, 
  • Negative certificate, which indicates the entire history of the property in the last 20 years,
  • Registration of repossession actions and disposals, 
  • Tax clearance certificate issued by the local city hall or copy of proof of payment,
  • Certified copy of the property tax referring to the year of purchase of the property,
  • The receipts issued by the local city hall of the installments paid until the closing of the deal,
  • Document of the property plan approved by the city hall and signed by the engineer with the respective professional registration number.


The property purchase process brings together several tasks for buyers and sellers. Therefore, it is important to get organized, know all the certificates and documents necessary to carry out the purchase of property without headaches. In the case of an apartment, it is also necessary to have a clearance certificate for condominium debts.

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