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What are the Most Popular MBA Courses in India?

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MBA or the Master of Business Administration program lasts for two years and helps students learn about business administration and its applications. The first year of an MBA course focuses on letting the students know about the different subjects they would be studying. During this time, you would also learn about the various specialisations that they can choose to study later in the course.

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If you want to pursue an MBA, here is a list of popular specialisations you can choose from to become a business and administration professional.

1.    MBA in Finance

By choosing finance, you can pursue careers in various domains, including investment banking, securities, financial management, and advisory.  As a financial manager, you can become an accounting manager, responsible for preparing financial reports. A career in finance also lets you become a financial analyst that helps develop financial strategies and reports to manage the company’s money.

2.    MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing is the most popular specialisation that many aspirants choose to pursue. By doing so, they become leaders, handling various responsibilities in areas like FMCG, Consumer Durables and non-durables, advertising, market research, media, and sales and distribution. So, an MBA in marketing offers you lucrative career opportunities if you have the right people management skills.

3.    MBA in Operations

With an MBA in Operations, you will be able to handle the responsibilities of a production manager. The role entails overseeing the smoothness and efficiency of process flows and business operations. Moreover, with an MBA in Business Operations, you can secure a Product Manager’s position or even a Technical Supervisor. You can then also move on to higher positions like Chief Technology Officers (CTO) or General Managers.

4.    MBA in Information Technology

MIS or Management Information Systems is a new and fast-emerging field in business management with much scope for those with a background in information technology. With an MBA in IT, you can get opportunities to work as a System Analyst, Technical Systems Manager, Technical Consultant, and even as a Business Development Manager.

The career path also includes positions like Chief Technology Officers or Chief Information Officers. Those who have an MBA in Information Technology also help develop Enterprise Resource Planning systems that cover a wide range of domains like business development, sales and marketing, accounts, project management, human resources, and other such business processes.

5.    MBA in Human Resources

A Human Resources professional is responsible for providing end-to-end recruitment solutions for the organisation. Their jobs involve selecting candidates, fixing their pay, providing training to the employees, and conducting job analyses and performance appraisals.

Choosing Human Resources as your specialisation can lead to careers like Industrial Relations Manager or even personnel manager. You can also secure the position of a training and development specialist or even that of a recruiter.

Final Thoughts

There are various MBA courses that you can pursue, depending on your interests. You can pursue an MBA in Entrepreneurship that allows you to become a successful entrepreneur or even one in Strategy that equips you with strategic thinking and planning. An MBA in Strategy comes in handy in the field of competitive dynamics market management.

Likewise, there are other popular MBA courses that you can pursue right here in India. However, before deciding to pursue any of the MBA courses, don’t forget to know what you will learn in each course and their career prospects. Remember that each MBA course has value in terms of pay and career growth. So, don’t ever think that a course or specialisation in MBA is not worthwhile because it is not popular or doesn’t offer enough career growth.

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