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Break Down Barriers With Certified Interpreting Services

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When you need an interpreter for a legal proceeding, you want to be sure they will do the best possible work. That is why you should look for certified interpretation services. A certified interpreter has been carefully trained and tested to provide highly accurate interpretations and translations for critical legal proceedings. 

Actually, there is no national standard for the certification of interpreters. The process to certify an interpreter is different for each state. However, one of the most well-known interpreter certification programs is for the US federal court system. The standards to become a certified interpreter for the federal courts are good indicators of what your interpreter should be able to do. 

The federal court system has come up with a certification examination for Spanish to English and vice versa. There also are certification exams for Navajo and Haitian Creole. If you need interpreting for another languages, you may need to look for a state-certified interpreter in your area for that language. 

The exam for the interpreter to become certified is in two parts. There is a written examination and an oral examination. The oral exam tests the person’s ability to do consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. 

When you are using a certified interpreter you get the benefit of having a professional who is impartial in any legal proceeding, whether it is a preliminary hearing, court trial, civil lawsuit, deposition, or a meeting between a client and an attorney. The interpreter also is able to interpret the speech without additions, omissions, bias or anything that is misleading. 

The interpreter has extensive knowledge of courtroom protocol and professional conduct, so you know that they will be able to properly translate any legal jargon with precision. 

The advantage of working with a certified interpreter is that you know that you are getting an interpreter from Spanish to English and vice versa who is able to provide exact interpretations of legal matters no matter what the legal venue. When you are dealing with legal proceedings, it is incredibly important that everything be exactly translated without any change in the original speech. If not, there could be misunderstandings in the legal proceeding and the result, which is unacceptable. 

But with a certified interpreter, you can have every confidence that the interpretation will be faithful to the original speech. 

Now that you know more about certified interpreting services, you should be comfortable with getting an interpreter for your next legal proceeding. 

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