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Current Trends: Rise in Hiring Activities Post COVID For Jobs in Bangalore

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Pre & Post COVID Scenario

Covid-19 caused around 114 million people to lose their jobs worldwide. The terror was so much that everything was shut down- from schools to offices to shops, etc. According to an estimate by ILO, total working hours lost in 2020 alone were equal to 255 million full-time jobs that eventually led to $3.7 trillion in lost labor income. But, with the vaccine being invented and loads of efforts to remain socially distant, we are finally in a better situation. Although things may never be on the same level of ‘normal’ still, slowly and gradually we all are experiencing something better. Amid all of this, the Silicon Valley of India has undergone a great transformation- both in terms of employment & unemployment. Let’s move over to the status of jobs in Bangalore both pre and post COVID-19.

Recruitment Rates in Bangalore

With COVID-19 losing its clutches over India, the recruitment companies are also taking the advantage of employing young talent. Various high-tech companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc, have started coming back to the colleges for recruitment drives, and finally, people are getting employed. Due to COVID-19, approximately 12.2 crore Indians lost their jobs, but the situation is getting better now. The same reason was responsible for the decline of jobs in Bangalore. Hiring activity has grown by 15% in June 2021, as per the research by Naukri Job speak. 

The recruiting index is rapidly increasing in metropolitan cities such as Bangalore. Jobs in Bangalore in sectors like Software Development, Information Technology are increasing at a top-notch speed by 52% from June 2019(Pre COVID-19 scenario). Looking at the year-on-year statistics, the hiring in the IT Software sector grew by 163%. To take benefits of such high employment rates log on to https://www.workindia.in/jobs-in-bengaluru.

Specifically Devastated Sectors

Several sectors were badly affected by quarantining and lockdowns like retail, tour & travel and hospitality have also shown rise during this time. Jobs in Bangalore in sectors such as Banking, Insurance, and Allied Industries and Knowledge Services saw a growth of more than 10%. 

Hiring Across Functionalities

Although in mid-October, Bangalore experienced a sudden decrease in employment rates of 2%, Coimbatore saw an increase of 3%. But, this was managed by the growth of around 5% in October. Top Management (70%), Mid-Senior Level (38%), Intermediate Level (29%), and Senior Level (22%) maintained a humongous rise in recruitment activity with jobs in Bangalore showing an uptick of 51%. Hiring across functional sectors like marketing, business, entrepreneurship, sales, and Human Resources has also improved considerably.

How has COVID-19 affected the Recruitment Process?

COVID-19 came to India at the end of 2019 but continues to haunt us till now. Each & everything was affected by this global pandemic including the Recruitment process. This has changed how industries recruit talent. 

Virtual Interviews have become a Trend

Embracing virtual interviews and online meetings has become quite common. However, HR may not be able to meet the candidate in person, his talent can surely be met by his expectation from home only! This online shift has made things quite easy.

No geographical boundaries

The candidate’s location now no longer limits the talent pool. With the whole work being done from home, everyone is happy with office-cum-home time. Zero relocation budgets have benefited the company as well.

Company culture is the prime focus

Before COVID-19, the work culture was affected by its interior and the facilities provided to the employees. In today’s world, physical perks can’t replace the real culture of the company. 


To sum up, we can comfortably say that post COVID, the recruitment of jobs in Bangalore has certainly increased manifolds. With the modernization, the latest technologies are used for hiring processes, and jobs in the IT Sector have been enhanced. In the upcoming years, the recruitment rate in Bangalore is going to increase. 

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