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Spanish 101: Preparing your kids for the future of bilingualism

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In many countries like Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, USA, Germany and other countries, there are two major languages. This means that people who are bilingual will usually have more economic opportunities than those who get by with only one language. While English is regarded as a global business language, Spanish is fast rising as another language and tradition that is finding more relevance in the global corridors of power. For instance, in the US, people with English and Spanish-speaking skills are exposed to more opportunities than those who are monolingual. Fortunately, people looking to increase their mastery of more global languages can now do this. 

Better yet, there are now specially curated Spanish learning programmes for kids to take on the language. As languages are learnt at an early age, the kids will be taught in such a way that they will never forget. Whether you are moving to the US, Spain, Mexico, or anywhere in South America (except Brazil), it is always right to give your kids the gift of bilingualism. The following tips will help you prepare your kids for the future of speaking dual languages.

1). Start at a young age: Your kids will begin to soon appreciate Spanish sounds when you introduce the sounds to them. This should be done when they are young. You can help train their ears now to accept new sounds. You can begin by watching Spanish Netflix shows.

2). Take online Spanish classes: You could help your kids become bilingual by helping them enroll in one of the many online classes for Spanish that we have. TruFluency Kids for example is one of the best out there. They have been able to curate some of the most comprehensive online Spanish lessons for kids of all ages.

3). Use flashcards: You could decide to teach your kids useful words in Spanish by using flashcards. You could take it up a notch by creating learning zones around your home or their room. These zones should feature large and colorful paintings of hundreds of items and their Spanish names. This will help the kid become used to many Spanish words.

4). Visit a Spanish restaurant regularly: Perhaps what best way to open up your kid to the world of Spanish speaking citizens than to go out there and meet them. Spanish restaurants, Mexican food villages, Argentina snacks and bars, and so on are good examples of ways that you can introduce your kid to the Spanish culture. There is no better way for a kid to grasp the concept of a new language if they have not been immersed in it.

5). Keep the child engaged: If you know how to speak Spanish more fluently, then this is a plus for the kid. Sometimes, the best way to learn Spanish is when you speak it at home. Parents who do not speak the language will usually hire Spanish-speaking house helps to help keep your kids engaged ad they learn their Spanish.

From hiring Spanish-speaking baby sitters to hanging out with some Spanish friends, your kids can easily learn their way to bilingualism if they interact with native speakers of the language. There is no better way to become cognizant of important concepts other than watching the native speakers do it.

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