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Strategies to improve study skills

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Every one of us has a special and unique study skill that helps the student to score more.  Study skills are the methods or techniques which one adapts in the learning process. Study skills are mandatory for every child irrespective of the course and subject. These skills help in developing the interest in the concept and also help in the smarter study. The learning process can be made fun by following these sorts of skills rather than being a bookworm and memorising the entire textbook. In this article, we will throw some light on strategies to improve study skills.

Have a balanced study

Studying too much or having too little has an adverse impact on academic performance. As having a balanced diet is important in the same manner balanced study is mandatory in academics. One must try to maintain a balance in studies as well as other activities such as pursuing hobbies, exercise and workouts. Just focusing on studies and neglecting other activities such as sports and hobbies shows a negative effect on academics and leads to poor grades in the examination. One must learn to balance between study and extracurricular activities. 

Study in parts

The whole concept or the topic cannot be swallowed at a stretch. Some sort of relaxation is a must for the learning process. The study portion must be broken down into smaller chunks in order to maintain the regularity of the study. This technique helps to maintain the continuity and flow of the learning process. Also, it adds up in being consistent in studies. The concentration power increase s and the curiousness to learn more and more increases. One can read a physics chapter in one day, solve the questions on another and also verify the physics answers written with various books. This technique of splitting up the study is the most prominent way of the learning process. 

Maintaining the track of study

A subject contains various chapters and lots of concepts. One may finish the entire chapter yet there would be a few concepts that need extra attention. When a learner faces this kind of situation it is necessary for the student to maintain the track record of the study by noting down which concepts have to be revised and which chapters are to be covered. This helps in giving a quick glance at what has been studied and what needs to be studied. This technique avoids the repetition and re-reading of the same things and also saves time. Learners can maintain a separate notebook for keeping this track of the lessons covered.  

Do the homework daily

Homework does not mean doing the assignments given. Homework also means reading and revising the concepts taught in class. When a student puts a little effort into understanding the concepts taught in class on the same day helps the student in long run. One has to maintain the habit of reading the lessons taught in class on the same day. This method helps the learner to recall and memorise things easily and also aids in easy learning. The homework can be in any form such as solving english q&a, grammar questions, maths questions and so on. 

To obtain good grades the steps and skills chosen for studying matter a lot. The grades obtained are a reflection of the learning process chosen during the examination. Each student must try to adapt and have a few basic study skills and techniques in order to maintain an appropriate path of academic performance. The learning process is based on one’s capability and strength. Studying can be a little hard but it becomes easier when few study techniques are adapted. On the cultivation of good study habits, the mind gets energetic and the zest to learn more comes up in the minds of the students. The quality of your studying sessions must be improved by the student, not the quantity of the study material. 

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