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Endoscopy Technician: Everything You Need to Know

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Sterile processing technicians play a vital part in healthcare by decontaminating, examining, packaging, and sterilizing healthcare equipment and devices. These things vary from complicated technology to modest surgical hand tools.

Technicians in Central Sterile Processing undergo various sterile processing tech training to learn proper cleaning and sterilizing of surgical and medical equipment, set up equipment, and proper transportation to surgical areas, hospital rooms, clinics, and even patients’ homes. In addition, through the central sterile processing technician program, they learn how to build, modify, and inspect the non-sterile and sterile equipment and materials required for surgery and other medical operations. 

After completing the course, the student will be qualified to sit for the CSPDT national examination administered by the NCCA. The sterile processing technician program curriculum educates students with information and abilities relevant to acquiring, handling, storing, and distributing sterile items and equipment. Components of the program include quality assurance, infection control and isolation procedures, medical terminology and processes, decontamination and sterilizing, microbiology and chemistry fundamentals. A study program consists of didactic instruction and supervised clinical practice.

Students who complete curriculum components are suitable to have the certified registered central service technician certification examination issued by the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management.

Central Sterile Processing departments also manage inventory, order supplies, inspect, maintain, distribute, and retrieve surgical, emergency room, and other patient care unit equipment and instruments. During the clinical phase of the curriculum, students get expertise in a sterile processing department through classroom and laboratory instruction.

The central sterile processing technicians (CSPT) may also be responsible for preparing and packing specific medical equipment for patient usage in different regions of the institution. The CSPT operates and maintains various decontamination and disinfection equipment, such as ultrasonic washers, steam autoclaves, liquid-based washers/disinfectors, and vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization systems.

Moreover, technicians take equipment inventory, keep correct sterilization records, report repairs, and monitor records. CSPTs adhere to stringent aseptic practices to maintain a clean and secure workplace. Thus, they play a crucial role in ensuring patient safety and controlling infections.

Check the infographic below from Martinson College to learn everything you need to know about the endoscopy technician.

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