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How related are coding and maths?

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Teachers face many challenges when teaching maths. Many children in schools around the world are allergic to maths formulas, algorithms, and equations. Many educators struggle to find engaging and new ways to teach maths to students. We are here to help and prove that maths is an engaging and practical tool. We will also educate teachers about how to teach students how they can utilize their maths knowledge.

STEM education was created to provide students with practical tools and methods to use science, technology, maths, and other subjects. However, this field has always been extremely difficult. So, how to motivate students to love maths and make it easier for them to understand? The answer is coding.

Both maths and coding are closely related. While teaching your students how to code, you are simultaneously providing mathematical content, and also a certain way of thinking which they can use to solve a specific maths problem. Your students will learn these skills while having fun.

How can coding help students fall in love with mathematics? Let us see!

Coding can help your students love maths

Coding is full of maths, believe it or not. Participating in Robotics Coding Competitions and learning how to program their virtual robots will teach them fundamental principles of mathematics. This will allow them to develop strong mathematical thinking and help in other areas of their academics as well as personal lives.

The secret ingredient to an engaging formula is making maths relevant to students’ interests and goals. Also, showing them how it can be used in real life is the key. The question of “when is the train from Detroit to Washington arriving?” is no longer relevant to today’s kids. Students can learn how to code robots by using fun and practical approaches to maths and technology. They will be able to use their robots to accomplish a task or fulfill a mission.

Maths in a gamified format

It has been proven that gamified elements can be used in the classroom to a great extent. Students who learn required subjects in a hands-on approach with gamified and engaging components do better. It is a fact!

Programming and coding are great ways to teach maths to students. Imagine teaching fractions, derivatives, or simple equations in a regular classroom using the same whiteboard as previous generations did, and now imagine that your students are creating apps or programming Minecraft.

Virtual robots and cyber robotics are amazing ways of teaching STEM and maths. It can help close the gender gap in STEM education. It can show some traditional maths haters that this subject can be learned (and applied) in a different way. It can help them understand that mathematics is much more than what they believe based on what they were told by their maths teachers in school. Online platforms such as GreatSkools providing live 1:1 classes have combined maths and coding programs to make them more fun and practical subjects rather than boring and theoretical.  

Coding is maths. Maths is coding.

It is true. The bottom line is that programming is maths. Coders need to improve their algorithmic and computational thinking to create code that works well and is free of errors. What are these two ways to think in their most fundamental essence? Maths. If you want your students to learn a great programming language, their mathematical thinking should perform well.

Your students can improve their mathematical thinking by doing the opposite. You don’t need to start with maths to move to code. Your students can begin coding and get better at maths, and you can see it in your evaluations.

Provide your students with an opportunity to think differently. You’ll be amazed by the changes you will see in your kids. You can register at GreatSkools or similar coding platforms such as codakid to get a free trial and an opportunity of teaching with amazing virtual teachers. Give it a shot!

About GreatSkools:

GreatSkools, a Delaware USA-based Edtech, provides 1:1 online STEM education in Computer Science, Mathematics, Science & Technology, and English, and is operational in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

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